Before Today

I did Ares as a personal project. Last time I published an App in my own name to the AppStore was in 2019. I wasn’t happy with it then, and I sure wasn’t happy with it last month when I finally decided to remove it.

Throughout the years I’ve release 3 apps under my name before Ares. They were all small projects I did to keep myself occupied or to create a portfolio. This was incredibly useful when starting my career. But at this point I wanted something more professional, for lack of better word.

Introducing, Ares – RSS Reader

As is stands right now, Ares is a very complete 1st version. It supports import and export of OPML files, organization with drag-and-drop, saving items, offline reading mode, swipe gestures in SwiftUI (why I’m proud of it), iCloud Sync, an Ad Banner and a yearly 2.49€ to remove adds.

During its TestFlight phase I had around 90 daily users – not sure how it will translate to actual downloads, though.

I’m already planning some new features for the app, first of which, localizing in Portuguese, Spanish and French.

All in all, I’m really proud of this 1st version!